by lowmeninyellowcoats

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all songs recorded by lowmeninyellowcoats on september 6, 2017 in a dimly lit basement at the overlook venue in akron, ohio using a field recorder and as few takes as possible

ryanbrown played drums
joshuafoster played bass
joshuajones played guitar


released September 8, 2017


all rights reserved



lowmeninyellowcoats Akron, Ohio


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Track Name: I
why did i
how could you
what did you
think that you're the only one alive
who ever wants to die
or that you're the only one
dissatisfied with outcomes in your life
i'm still here
it's still unclear
but i wont be caught dead
won't let you haunt me and
hang here and sing that
same song in my ear
and now i wonder
if you've discovered
what was missing from
existing on this side
time moves viciously
it slowly severed our affinity
and so it goes
you're gone
but i'll still
think of you sometimes
Track Name: II: a
here's to hoping
that my heart hasn't atrophied
by the time i find
your white lies
in our labyrinth lamenting
that listless lie of a life
i could never regain a grip on
my ivory addled, eyeless expiring wife
i thought i had you for a minute there
i knew i lost you in that moment there
i thought i had you for a minute there
you never looked better in the moment
then you disappeared
slacked jaw swung loose on it's hinge
everything has seemed upside down since
i thought i'd keep you in my memory dear
we never felt closer than the moments
when you'd haunt me here
please breathe back in again
your voice is the only thing i care to hear
Track Name: II: b
i'm so sorry, starry bright
i was tongue tied
in my memory it's all
black & white
i miss your footprints
and i can't rinse them from my mind
dark times
you were wild eyed
mumbling at mirrors all night
screaming at demons
trying to look one in the eye
i held my breath instead of you
and i let them both go in gusts
as i feel my fickle, feeble fingertips
fumbling at dust
where are you
what am i
i lost sight of you
Track Name: III
a mind
very clearly misplaced
for watching while you were
withering away
i guess this is just a penance
to be paid
to feel anything
resembling real today
i've been dwelling on that photograph
taken by your parents in the basement
it's you and i but we don't look the same
i want to know where
slight smiles on your face went
i don't make you happy
i won't make you love me
im a catastrophe
i'm afraid to be set free
Track Name: IV
nothing matters
none of this matters
you're just letting yourself
be ground up in the gears
of distraction and life detractors
the fleeting
the decadent
our greatest accomplishment
is insignificant
it's just an overshadowed afterthought
in the history of time
in all the endless possibilities
life is certainly a circle not a line
although it's eating
you alive
it's really nothing but a few drops
of piss
in a river of time
don't ever dare to be so arrogant
to think that our lives
are anything more than irrelevant

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